Violences esthétiques
Violences esthétiques
From Order to Chaos ( or reverse..)

French Touch

Algues vertes

Georges Luca Tribute

Winter Destructor Overload

Aqua Cosmos Omphalos

Aliens spaceships are already here

Into the Wild



Take 5 Baby

Inside my Mind

21th Century Mandala

Innocence claire-obscure

Inner Thunder

I-phone 5 vs Galaxy S


My Brain in cool vibes

Take the time to get High..

Tous unis contre la verticalité.

Inside my Mind Part II

N'ais pas peur

Bees parking

Major sexual activities in Paris underground

Moëbius Cosmic Ermitage

Night & Day in Provence

Only One way


Le glaçon

Ocean Fifhteen

Little Giant

Bonjour Madame

Saarjie Baartman

The Opening of the golden jail

Paris modern-classic

Le petit chaperon noir

Hypnotic Mandarin

Macadam Cow-boy

The famous candle

Red trafic lights sux

The Architect

Winter Fire in my garden

Human Grace part II

B2 stealth-fighter with beers on @ 37.000 ft

Into the blue electric Sky

Fire Cosmic progressive

Le Feu & les roses

Rolls é Royce tards